Have you been terminated from your job for a wrong reason? Have you been terminated without a prior notice? Whatever may be the situation, an employee has the right to make claims for wrongful termination. They can claim for compensation money from their previous employer. However, the process of making a claim or taking action against the wrongful act is a challenging task, it is important to take the help of employment lawyers.

Employment Attorney

Before you take the help of an employment attorney, it is important that you have little idea about them. Employment attorney is a person or a legal representative who represent employees and employers in relation to any dispute in workplaces. The disputes may lead to wrongful termination or workplace discrimination or workplace health or workers compensation and so on.

Wrongful Termination

One of the common issues that employment lawyers often come across is wrongful termination. Wrongful termination or wrongful dismissal is a term that is associated with a situation when an employee is wrongly terminated for an unjust reason. Sometimes it may also deal with termination of an employee without a notice. Employees with the help of employment attorneys can take action against the employer.

Termination without Notice

Studies have shown that sometimes employers may terminate an employee without notice.  On the other hand, employees sometime may resign without giving notice. During those situations, an employer may take legal action. Similarly, if an employee is laid off without reason then they can take some legal action against the employer.

This is because an employer needs to show that the employee has been put on temporary layoff. However, during temporary layoff employer may not provide a notice. But in case if the lay off period extends beyond the usual time period, employees can take legal action. At this point of time they must seek the advice of employment lawyers. The lawyers will guide their clients or employees on the next possible step that can be taken.

How can attorneys guide you?

In order to learn how to move ahead with a termination case, it is important that you tall with an employment attorney. They attorney will provide you with:

  • Legal options
  • Possible result of the case
  • How strong your claim can be
  • Evidences that you need to show

Helping You Legally

Employment lawyers will evaluate your case. For this, the lawyer might need to go through the contract papers or other policies that was signed between employer and employee. While evaluating a case the lawyer will try to find if their client was subjected to unlawful treatment or you were subject to workplace retaliation.

Based on the situation they will file a case and ask for compensation. The lawyers will provide necessary proof through witnesses and copies of documents. They will ensure that your case stands strong in court and you win the case.

Mostly, a wrongful termination case is sorted between the two parties even without going for a legal battle. But in case, the employer is not ready to sort the problem, taking a legal action i.e., through employment lawyers is the best way out.